Pre-mixed Super Long Life Coolant

Premixed Super Long Life CoolantYour car coolant is crucial to your car's cooling system. The coolant contains glycol and water which prevents the engine from overheating. If your coolant level is consistently low, you may want to have a Toyota Service Technician check for a leak.

In Australia, where the climate can vary dramatically, the anti-boiling and anti-freezing properties of 50/50 Premixed Super Long Life Car Coolant are invaluable. For optimum performance and cooling efficiency, have the car coolant replaced at intervals in accordance with your Service & Warranty logbook or every 80,000kms.

Special price: $18.00 for 2.5L, orĀ $30.00 for 5L

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HiLux Bonnet Protector

HiLux Bonnet ProtectorYou can help protect your bonnet and paint from stone chips and other damage during daily driving and long trips with the Toyota Genuine HiLux Bonnet Protector.

The Bonnet Protector is purpose-built for the HiLux and constructed from high-strength UV-stabilised acrylic, offering superior strength and durability.

Available in clear and tinted finish. Tinted bonnet protector shown.

Special price: $70.00 plus fitting

Order now on 8400 9111 or Enquire Online

Toyota Diesel Injector Cleaner

Toyota Diesel Injector CleanerRestores mileage and acceleration performance/ stabilizes idling/reduces exhaust emissions & black smoke/improves low temperature starting/improves lubricity performance and corrosion protection.

Special price: $21.00

Order now on 8400 9111 or Enquire Online

All Toyota Genuine Parts carry a 12 month Toyota Warranty. Conditions apply. The Toyota Genuine Parts Warranty does not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. Warranty conditions differ for Tyres and Batteries. See relevant sections for details.

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